Thursday, December 23, 2004

Partition Problem

I had 3 OSs in my system (win 98, win 2000 prof. and Fedora). Unfortunately, I deleted the Linux partition using 'fdisk' utility. During booting, my system shows only the grup prompt. I can't boot / access the other OSs.. Please help me to change the boot loader and access the remaining OSs.

Solution ?

Two ways to do it.

* If you have Windows 98 startup disk, then boot with it and in the command prompt (C:\>) type 'fisk /mbr'. This should restore the boot record for you by cleaning the MBR which has the GRUB.

* If you have Windows 2000 bootable installation disk, boot with it and go for 'Repair' option. Once you are in the recovery console, type 'fixmbr' to restore your Windows 2000 boot record to MBR.

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